OOO firma «Saturn» provides repair, calibration and service of different type of medical equipment. We offer quick solution for the problematic points in short terms providing guaranty of work.  

In accordance with an advance request our service engineers come to hospital or clinic, or arrange shipping of faulty devices to our service center which is fitted with all the required metrical and testing equipment for solving more complex tasks. After repair works equipment will be returned to a hospital or clinic in a timely manner.

Medical equipment repair includes:

• diagnostic procedure and trouble-shooting;
• preparation works before repair (usually it regards to large sixe equipment which is needed to be taken to pieces or stripped);
• opening in part or in whole of inoperative medical equipment;
• internal inspection and if necessary stripping of equipment for separate parts and units;
• searching of faulty components and units, change, stripping and recovery of them;
• troubleshooting and/or restoring to working condition in whole;
• spare parts change;
 technical screening and calibration of repaired equipment in accordance with technical requirements.


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